October 22, 2014

Physics and the magic of the Ancients

This post is the first real mysteries post.  Obviously mysteries can't be fully explored in a blog post, but herein is an intense introduction to the mysteries of magic and religion.  Behold the doorway to understanding how Stonehenge and other great structures were built, how matter exists, and the nature of the most ancient magic in the Universe. 

Who are the Ancients?

"Ancients" can refer to a lot of different groups of people.  However, for the purpose of this article it does not refer to the antedeluvian civilization; rather, it refers to the people who were the post Ice Age remnants of that civilization, and to the otherworldly beings who helped guide the earliest forms of our post Ice Age world. 

These people are those who taught secrets to our ancestors, and who built or guided the building of history's greatest structures and monuments.

While there are certainly much more ancient civilizations on the Earth, the ideas our civilization has about magic originates with the people referred to in this article.

Subatomic Forces

You probably know that matter is made of molecules, which are comprised of atoms. You likely also know that atoms are constructed of protons and neutrons, inside of the nucleus, and electrons in orbit around the nucleus.  However, modern physics is still working on deciphering from what these ions, charged particles, are made.

I am not going to get into an argument as to which modern theory is correct.  Instead, I will give you the ancient understanding, from when science was more advanced. 

The Universe is a living thing comprised of various thoughts.  These thoughts comprise all of the forces of the Universe.  However, they are without mass, and have no form of their own.  They are empty space, which always grows.

At some point these forces were caused to organize together to create the illusion we call the physical Universe.  This illusion is the means through which the soul of the Universe grows more complex; that central force which some think of as the heart of God.

The song which began everything

Vibration was the first physical force. Romantically, and somewhat literally, it was a song sung by God and the, yet noncorporeal, angels. The vibration of this song, its resonance, ordered the forces of the Universe to create the lesser forces.

The song caused those lesser forces to spiral and to spin, which created different harmonies.   Each harmony created each of the subatomic particles we know of, along with those yet undiscovered. 

Thus, matter and what we call energy are the result of those harmonies.  It is not so much that they created matter and energy as much as it is that the harmonious resonances formed the intangible substance of the Universe into tangible forms. 

Modern physics already talks about some of these forces, because they have other effects in the physical plane aside from forming energy and shaping it into matter.  They may speak of the weak or strong forces, gravity and magnetism among them, but they are just beginning to unravel the beginning cause of these forces.  It is amazing what humanity has already accomplished again. 

Magnetic and gravitational magic

Modern science has already captured some of the magic of the ancients once again.  The funny thing about magic is that once it is understood, it becomes science.

Our computers, magnetic trains, electricity generation and control, and much of our modern technology is magic to most people.   They know that someone understands these things and makes them work, so they don't literally think of them as magic. However, the knowledge of how many of these things work is limited to a few, and to the rest they are but mystical devices. 

Magnetism has been used since antiquity, and today we understand electromagnetism and use the forces to levitate and move massive trains at astounding speeds.  Magnetism is the core of modern electricity generation, an ancient force, harnessed to power so much of our lives.

Modern science is beginning to see how massive objects warp space, using the spectrum of light to estimate the masses and determine composition of distant planets and stars, learning to compensate for the effects massive objects, such as the Earth, have on time, and otherwise harnessing and understanding the forces of nature in increasingly amazing ways. 

The basis of ancient magic was in science, and sometimes technology.Thus, our modern science and technology begin to demystify some of that magic.  Humanity is growing ever closer to reclaiming some of the greatest mysteries of the Universe. 

The Ancients used gravitational and magnetic magic as balancing forces.  They understood how the planets from Jupiter inward, including the moon, have an effect on the gravitational and magnetic waves of the Earth, as well as the Sun's similar effects and the much lesser effect of other stars and the planet Saturn.  This knowledge is part the origin of why most ritual magic has certain ties to lunar, solar or astrological patterns; the other obvious reasons are agriculture, hunting, migration and the seasons of subtropical regions. 

Sonic magic

Remember that it was the resonance of the vibration of a song which caused the forces of the Universe to spin and spiral; creating the physical plane.  Likewise, sound, and inaudible vibrations, can reorder the physical world by aligning the spins and spirals of the ions and the lesser forces of the Universe.  Sound alone can accomplish amazing transformations of stone; causing it to weigh far less, liquify it, shatter it, or even cause it to dance and move on its own!

Modern science has touched on how to weaponize sound, but it has also begun to explore how it can be used in other ways.  It is possible that they will once again discover these complex melodies.

Here's a hint for you: many of the ancient carved groupings of spirals found around the world are actually an early means of recording a melody.   Unfortunately, I do not know exactly how to read and interpret them, so it is up to musicians and mathematicians to work together to decipher them.

When you sing hymns, drum, chant mantras, or sing out your emotions, you are likely engaging in sonic magic (coupled with thought magic, discussed below.)  There is power in rhythm, melody and resonance.  Some kinds of dance are an extension of that magic, using the body to help shape the resonance, but dance is a complex topic worthy of its own future post.

Light magic

Photons, light particles, are the earliest expression of the physical Universe.  They are pure energy, and, in a way, everything is constructed from them.  That is, they have the potential to be transformed into the subatomic particles which comprise matter.  Granted, they are not thought of as photons when they are in their earliest state inside of stars; wherein almost all physical matter is formed.  They are only photons when they are emitted as light.

People have been producing light for thousands of years, and today we can produce it in myriad ways, and even harness it to create electricity and movement.  We can even focus light with lenses, and intensify or "amplify" beams of light by lasing it through stimulated emissions of radiation. 

The Ancients used light to do many of the same things, though actual laser technology was no longer possible by that time period.  They did amplify and intensify beams of light in other ways, and Archimedes is among those who carried forth the legacy of their knowledge.  Parabolics is the key to most of what they accomplished with light.

Thought magic

Remember that when the primary forces of the Universe were first mentioned, they were referred to as thoughts.  They are an extension of the consciousness of the Universe.  So are we. 

Conscious living beings are physical embodiments of a part of the Universal consciousness; sparks of God.  Physical existence is a means for these sparks to become established souls on the prime dimension of the Universe; oneness with God, yet still individuals. 

Because we are sparks of God, we have thought. Though ou individual power of thought is miniscule compared to the Universal consciousness, collectively our ordered and focused thoughts can accomplish many great wonders. After all, thought is among the primary forces of the Universe.  Love, of course, is the most powerful of these thoughts.

Unfortunately, only science fiction and paranormal sciences have seriously considered the links between thought and the physical plane; with the exception of the increasingly rate experiments into psychic phenomenon by mainstream science.  It will probably be a while before science once again realizes the power of thought to be directed to change the makeup of the Universe.   It is said that thinking without acting is futile, but directed thought power can create action. 

Dimensions and layers

The Prime Dimension of the Universe is mostly immutable, and it is not subject to entropy.  In order to expand, the Universe had to create different layers, often referred to as planes or dimensions, with different properties. 

Each of these dimensions is unique, and the further out from the Prime Dimension, the more mutable the domension is.  The outer most dimensions are subject to entropy, and among those dimensions is what we know of as the physical Universe.

The inner dimensions, those which are somewhat mutable but not subject to entropy, is where the entities such as gods, devas, angels, great spirits, and by other such names dwell.  Between those dimensions is where the dark forces of entropy dwell, and where shaman are tested.  Some say that there are nine such dimensions, others say thirteen, while some believe that there are twenty-seven or more. 

The next dimensions out are where our spirits are, which are somewhat immortal; except that our thoughts and actions on these entropic planes can cause them to either grow and thrive, or to wither and suffer.

Shaman use thought magic, guided by higher spirits,  to walk the different spiritual planes, including those of gods and angels.  Witches, shaman and other magic users amplify their thought magic, often called "intention," through these same dimensions.   Even prayer is an amplification of intention being carried to the Divine and the Angels through the dimensions; to where thought has origin. Many good spirits echo our intentions, and resonate with our spells and our prayers.

The Ancients used dimensions for all of these things and more.  Some could even alter their form to use dimensions for swift transport in the physical dimensions. 

Through a combination of magics, people such as Solomon could even command demons in the physical world.  The Hindu vedas and Mahabharata have similar stories.

Ancient structures and monuments

Any of the above forms of ancient magic could be used by itself to create most of the greater Neolithic structures and monuments, if they happened to have the technology.  However, technology had all but disappeared by this time, so they had to use a combination of forces to accomplish the same tasks. That said, some few structures did have the benefit of the advanced technology brought by otherworldly beings (not aliens, per se.)

Stonehenge, for example, was a collaborative effort between humans, ancient humans, and otherworldly beings, but without too many technological devices available.  Humans provided raw labor, were recruited for chanting, drumming and singing, or added to the meditation (thought) circles which powered parts of the operation.  The Ancients provided the technical knowledge, and the most intelligent among them devised the chants and melodies or worked on tying the different forces together.  Astronomers from every group did the calculations to figure out gravitational and magnetic effects on the Earth, so that adjustments could be made by the geniuses. 

Many ancient structures around the world show keyhole shaped impressions cut out of them, some few with copper remnants.  While I don't know the exact mechanisms used, I do know that the copper was more than a staple to join blocks together.  Adding it to the stone allowed for electromagnetic forces to also play a role in moving massive stones.   Usually, there was a technological device involved, but sometimes it was simply an ancient people trying to imitate those who they thought of as gods.  Either way, the copper did also work as a staple to hold stones together. 

Through a combination of different technologies, even without technological devices, the Ancients were able to accomplish what seemed like magic. 

Only the beginning

Great Neolithic structures are only the most tangible examples which remain of the magic of the ancients.  Some of the feats they accomplished regularly were equally or even more amazing, but the only evidence left of it is the watered down stories which come to us through the filter of countless generations which lacked the ability to remember and grok the mysteries behind those stories. 

Some mystery traditions have guarded many of these secrets through the ages, including that through which I learned these secrets. Some few shaman and other magic users still employ some of these secrets in our arts.  This article exists to open that understanding to more people. 

Though this is not a strictly Hindu post, I am not Hindu, I believe that it is appropriate to end this piece with:
Namaste.  Om shanti shanti shanti.