June 4, 2014

My second novella

Many of you know about the recent publishing of my first novella, "An Angelic Journey Within."  I know that you will enjoy reading it, and you may learn a lot from it.  It is a fiction story containing many spiritual truths,  some deep and some more surface.  The message contained within it is multicultural and Interfaith,  and accepting of everyone.  It discusses subjects from science, creation and evolution mysteries,  history of the Universe, history of the Earth, philosophy, daily living and the potential of humanity both now and in the future. 

The second novella is a sequel, and from a different perspective.  The main character in the first book is a man who is a Messianic Jew, and it takes a Judeo-Christian viewpoint (though it is specifically inclusive of other viewpoints.)  The main character in the first sequel is a woman who is half Lakota and half Norwegian, and who follows a form of Wicca.  

However, this book won't contain a strictly Wiccan viewpoint.  Rather, it will contain the myths, legends and stories of many different cultures, much more so than in the first novella.  The point of the second book is to demonstrate that God didn't abandon other cultures, and taught the same basic message through many cultural filters. 

Though I consider myself to be a Christian minister, my training and study is cross cultural, and I have experienced many diverse religious and spiritual traditions.  I see the same spirit within all of those who most purely follow almost any path.  I see the same spirit in the Dalai Lama as I do in Pope Francis,  and in many other compassionate, loving, deeply spiritual people of many paths, including also some of my Wiccan friends. 

The main character in the second book is Sarah.  She is not named after anyone I know, even though I do know a few good people with that name.   Parts of her personality will likely end up being inspired by some of my friends who follow Wicca.

Before you start screaming about witches and the devil, give these books a chance.  The devil has nothing to do with people who live the philosophy of love and compassion.  He would only wish to see division between different groups who do, because if we unite, he is defeated.  We are stronger when we work together in love.

The overall message of this book will also point to the universality of the message and story of Yeshua (Jesus.) There are similar stories in many cultures, and many of those stories informed parts of the eventual myth which surrounds the life and ministry of Yeshua.  However, rather than disproving Yeshua, these other stories only demonstrate that Yeshua followed an ancient Divine pattern. 

Anyway, those are the plans for this book, but it isn't written yet (about two thirds done writing chapter one) so only spirit knows how it will ultimately turn out.

Love to all of you, even those who disagree with what I have said here.